The highly qualified and seasoned Team at INTERIM has been through many years of business and economic challenges, the building of Companies, restructuring of Companies, and Company acquisitions. We believe in “Digging the Ditches with our Clients” to achieve a lasting superior approach and “Road Map” to our clients’ business challenges. Our Leadership Team is as follows:


Mr. Mark A. Arciero, Professional Business Advisor (PBA) has over 30 years of highly regulated design, development and operational expertise ranging from the design and manufacturing of integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, precision electronic and mechanical components and systems, to the design, manufacturing, and Certification of fixed wing and rotorcraft aircraft for Aerospace, Space, DOD, Industrial, NASA and Global Commercial markets.

He has extensive hands-on Executive leadership and Interim CEO expertise of multi-company “turnaround” and “restructuring” expertise in which he has established strategic and tactical business and operational efficiencies, streamlining entire company business models and processes for greater sustainable profitability.

Mark graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BSEE and is enrolled at Warren National University for his MBA. He is certified as a Professional Business Advisors (PBA), RAB certified to train and audit ISO9001:2000; 2002; 2004; 2008, Lean Sensei trained by the Shingijutsu Company of Japan and by the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST); as well as Toyota Production Systems, Six Sigma Champion, Certified leadership and executive Coach, and multi-board member including chairman of the board.


Mr. Ken Amonette has over 37 years of consulting experience working in a variety of industries, including Automotive, (OEM, Tier 1&2), Aerospace, Railroads, Petro Chemical, Food Processing, Plastics (injection, vacuum and extrusion), Customer Service Centers and Healthcare.

He has extensive experience leading the implementation of Lean Manufacturing principles, Process Control and Management Control Systems delivering improved productivity, quality and service levels a minimum of twenty-five percent (25%) in each effort.

Ken is also an expert in the design and facilitation of Organizational Development Training to align management practices with Organizational Objectives, Responsibilities and Accountabilities.

Ken is a graduate of Mt. Saint Mary’s College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance.


Mr. Wendell Gabler has over 40 years of diverse business experiences in manufacturing operations, consulting, sales and marketing. Wendell has a strong management background in manufacturing and development, large scale modifications, maintenance and repair as well as years of experience in industrial engineering, manufacturing engineering, tooling and quality assurance in both Commercial Aviation and Defense Aerospace.

He is well versed and has extensive experience in lean principals and value stream analysis with a solid background in project management and the use of independent review analysis to evaluate and manage strategic risk and opportunities, plan and execute large complex task, and determine the key success factors unique to each business that drive profitability and operational efficiency. He is also skilled at leading a multi-disciplined Integrated Product Team (IPT), through the use of Program Management Best Practices and Leadership Attributes.

Wendell graduated with honors with both a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry Riddle University ABET. He holds certification as a Cost Account Manager, Lean Manufacturing Assessor, Value Stream Mapping and AIW (Accelerated Improvement Workshops) Leader.


Ms. Marge Robba has more than 30 years of experience in management, training, coaching and consulting. She is focused on Leadership development, corporate coaching, behavioral change management and cultural transformation.

She has excellent interpersonal skills with an ability to foster and maintain positive professional relationships. Delivering success through building high performance teams and cross team collaboration. She accomplishes this by understanding the communication needs of each level of the organization, from the C-suite to frontline employees.

International experiences include assignments in South America, Europe and Asia.  She has worked in diverse industries such as travel, banking, manufacturing, technology and health care.


Mr. Norm Mottram is a results driven leader who has successfully turned failing Manufacturing Operations and Product Development organizations into vibrant winning teams. Uses a combination of insightful business planning and analysis allied with thoughtful people management and team building to develop teams who surpass quality, schedule and budget goals.

For Manufacturing Operations he has used lean techniques to reduce WIP, increased through-put for medical device manufacturer, and reduced TAKT time for aerospace wing manufacturer. With Supply Chain and Inventory and Logistics Norm developed a Far East supplier sourcing and quality program, led the inventory reduction teams that use alternate use and change effectivity approaches at a DOD contractor. Also, he has assumed Program Management leadership of a DOD program that was six months behind schedule and completed the development, manufacture and fielded the satellite on time and on budget.

Norm has diverse industry experience and brings best industry practices and approaches to resolve difficult issues. Demonstrates skilled use of the most appropriate management and facilitation style for a given situation, delivers significant team and individual performance improvement.


Mr. Rich Shephard brings 30 years of Supply Chain and Operations excellence to our team. As Supply Chain leader for a startup aerospace company, Rich grew a grassroots team from initial concept and design through FAA certification and into full production with the company manufacturing and delivering on aircraft per day. Rich directed all aspects of the Strategic and Tactical Operations to meet this demand.

As a consultant, Rich has worked with all levels of leadership in Top 100 companies driving Operational improvements, cost saving and business growth.

Rich holds a BA from Sacred Heart University and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


Mr. Phil Santiago is instrumental in identifying major losses in production including breakdown, setup, and adjustment loss; start up, speed, idling, minor stop, and shutdown loss; as well as quality defect and rework loss. His strengths include identifying key components for a successful project and managing the connection between executive, functional and operational teams and then creating a climate that evolves the organizational capabilities to accelerate and sustain change.

Phil has established autonomous maintenance systems for training personnel to understand and maintain their equipment within their work environment with the goal of zero equipment failures for dramatic reductions in MTBF.

Phil uses 5-S as the starting point to improve asset reliability. The initial steps to sort, set in order, and shine that lead employees down the path of zero defects, standardize sustained steps to go beyond quick results and start the process of continuous improvement. ​


Ms. Tracy Elving is a recognized P&L leader in the aerospace, defense, and aviation (ADA) industries with over 30 years of experience. Her expertise includes turning around underperforming businesses, consolidating/closing facilities, product development, program management, strategy and marketing, operations, and organizational development.

Tracy’s track record of strong bottom line performance is based on her ability to assemble the best team, develop a strategic direction that is rooted in a sound operational foundation based on the principles of continuous improvement such as lean, and utilize program management skills to execute.


Mr. Alex Huerta brings over 20 years of global process improvement expertise, combined with consulting practice and private industry organizations. He has designed, coached, implemented and managed various engagements across diverse industries around the world.  Alex has strong experience in many manufacturing organizations, high performance plastics, metals and mining, food processing, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and off shore oil and gas companies.

With a wide range of project implementations in behavioral change, Lean Manufacturing, productivity, efficiency enhancements, OEE installations, production planning & control, Inventory Management, Procurement, MRP systems installation and training, and maintenance reliability installations. He works with senior management executives, middle management, and front-line supervisors to improve operational performance to meet deliverables and sustainability of benefits that will improve and bring additional profitability.

Alex graduated from Saginaw Valley State University with Bachelor of Science in Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Business Management. He also holds an Associate’s Degree in Manufacturing Technology from Delta College. He is fluent in Spanish.


Mr. Jimmie Warren is a dynamic and results-oriented manager with extensive experience in distribution management, business process improvement, program development, leadership, and operating systems. He is recognized for maintaining an outstanding record of achievement leading to improved operational efficiency and skilled at implementing processes and procedures that increase productivity, enhance efficiency, and drive profitability.

Jimmie’s core qualifications include Operations Management, Strategic Planning, Quality Management, Plant Management, Six Sigma Principles, Budgeting & Cost Control, Team Training / Coaching, Lean Manufacturing & JIT Principles, And Procedure Development.


Mr. Craig Anderson has been a leader of aviation Quality Assurance for over 30 years with extensive success in Quality process turn arounds at several MRO’s. He started his aviation career in the United States Marine Corps then carried his successful leadership style to his career in commercial aviation.

Craig has been at the forefront of strategic Aviation Quality Assurance MRO initiatives that have positioned organizations to turn around floundering and problematic situations to regain the respect of their customers, earn a profit, and in several instances allowed some organizations to expand their market share.

Craig holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management from Southern Illinois University, and a Master of Science degree in Business Administration from Central Michigan University.