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We Provide the Expertise to Transform and Optimize Companies which leads to Accelerated and Sustainable Growth.
Interim CEO and Business Partners, founded by Mark A. Arciero of Dallas Texas, provides seasoned executives, each with 25 plus years of expertise, who enable companies to improve company and personnel performance at every level within a company. We work as Interim Management or Transformationalists delivering measurable improvements in the company’s financial and operational performance through Optimization, (quality, cost, service & safety). INTERIM specializes in “Implementing Change” through a detailed Transformational process.  We partner with our clients to establish strategic approaches and tactical deployments to meet corporate goals and achieve sustainable success increasing Shareholder value. We focus on the company’s culture to attain alignment with associates and organizational objectives, understanding their roles and taking ownership for change.


  • Pre-Post Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Business Performance Change Management
  • Executive Coaching
  • Setting Strategic Direction
  • Restructuring
  • Turnarounds
  • CIM Reviews
  • Board Level Positions
  • Enterprise Cost Reductions
  • Leadership Assessments and Training
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Advisory Support

Core Industries Served: Aerospace, Aviation, Commercial, and Defense. Additional industries- Oil/Gas, Forestry, Construction, Utilities, Energy, Food Processing, Mining, Distribution, Business Services, Automotive, Insurance, Logistics, Packaging, Nuclear, Healthcare, Railroad, Plastics, Petro-Chemical, Customer Service Centers and Call Centers.

Core Competencies: Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Finance, Quality, Procurement, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, Program Management, Safety, Environmental, Health, Warehousing, Supply Chain and Aftermarket

Industry Segment (Union and Non-Union): Commercial, Defense, Industrial and Aviation and Aerospace

Business Sectors: Public and Private Companies, Private Equity Firms, Investment Banking, Law Firms, Accounting Firms, M&A Firms and Banking

Size and Market Caps – Start-up, Lower to Middle Market, Large Market, Private & Public

Why INTERIM – We are DOERS; NOT Report Writers