Interim CEO and Private Equity Services

We Provide the Expertise to Transform and Optimize Companies which leads to Accelerated and Sustainable Growth.


Industry Agnostic ● Pre-Post Acquisition Due Diligence ● Business Performance Change Management ● Executive Coaching ● Strategic Planning ● Restructuring ● Turnarounds ● CIM Reviews ● Board Level Positions ● Enterprise Cost Reductions ● Leadership Assessments and Training ● Risk Mitigation ● ICPES is a Resource

Interim CEO and Private Equity Services (ICPES), founded by Mark A. Arciero of Dallas Texas, provides seasoned executives, each with 25 plus years of expertise, who enable companies to improve company and personnel performance at every level within a company. We work as Interim Management or Transformationalists delivering measurable improvements in the company’s financial and operational performance through Optimization, (quality, cost, service & safety).

ICPES specializes in “Implementing Change” through a detailed Transformational process.  We partner with our clients to establish strategic approaches and tactical deployments to meet corporate goals and achieve sustainable success increasing Shareholder value. We focus on the company’s culture, to attain alignment with associates and organizational objectives, understanding their roles and taking ownership for change.

Sample of Industries Served: Aerospace, Aviation, Automotive, Telecom, Oil/Gas, Forestry, Construction, Utilities, Energy, Food Processing, Mining, Distribution, Business Services, Automotive, Insurance, Logistics, Chemical, Packaging, and Nuclear

Core Competencies: Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Finance, Quality, Procurement, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, Program Management, Safety, Environmental, Health, Warehousing, Strategic Planning, and Culture Change

Industry Segment (Union and Non-Union): Commercial, Defense, Industrial and Consumer

Business Sectors: Public and Private Companies Direct, Private Equity Firms, Investment Banking, Law Firms, Accounting Firms, and Banking

Size and Market Caps – Start-up, Lower to Middle Market, Large Market, Private & Public


Why ICPES – We are DOERS; NOT Report Writers

Customer Success Stories

Mr. Mark Arciero is one of the most remarkable managers I have ever worked with in USA, Europe and Japan in my business experience for 42 years. I was always impressed with his ways of doing management, problem solving, and leadership.

Yoji Kawashima, Former Director of Litton-Westrex Co, Japan

I was immediately impressed with Mark Arciero’s sincerity and professional demeanor. He is a team player, enthusiastic commitment to continuous improvement, and shows an outstanding level of follow-through.

Margaret Tue, Purchasing Executive

ICPES are experts at re-structuring companies & implementing efficiencies. They are not only strategic & pragmatic, but also are diplomatic people-persons who others inherently know to follow. I would recommend ICPES to any large company.

Jamie Morrison, Senior Solutions Consultant

ICPES are visionary leaders who were able to accomplish what others were unable to do, even against all odds. ICPES succeeded because of their persistence and unique combination of strategic, and leadership capabilities, all backed up by a strong commitment to those they lead.

Scott Bornstein, Customer Account Manager

I have had the opportunity to report to the President / CEO of companies where I have worked at least ten different times in my career. Two of those presidents stood out as being superior. Mark Arciero was one of those two truly great leaders.

Robin Bond, Human Resources Expert

Mark‘s ability to understand the inner workings of our Company so quickly and then utilize his knowledge and expertise to assess the Company was excellent. He quickly made recommendations on how to improve and shore up various shortcomings. He then enthusiastically worked closely with me and the TIG team mentoring and coaching those business improvements for the Company. TIG Charleston has benefited from his expertise.

Bob Bresette, GM of TIGHitco Charleston

Thank you Mark for the hard work during your tenure at Zodiac. You have helped us go to the next stage.

Maurice Pinault, Group Deputy CEO Zodiac/ Directeur Général Délégué

We were very fortunate to have Mark on Board in this transition phase and I would certainly recommend him for a similar missions and circumstances.

Gilles Debray, Chief Operating Officer, Zodiac

“I had the opportunity to get to know Mark when he worked with TIGHICO on a very challenging development program. He was very comprehensive, methodical and detailed oriented in his approach to resolving problems as they related to both internal issues and issues with our customer. His feedback to my management team was very fair, honest and straight forward. He interacted with my team in a very professional manner that allowed us to get all program issues addressed very efficiently and effectively. I feel Mark would be a very effective resource in challenging situations and would use him again should the need arise. ”

Peter Nicholas, President at TIGHITCO, Inc.

I worked with Mark when he was part of a group assisting Boeing in 2014. I found Mark to be the best in the group of consultants working with us in my area. His experience, insight and work were very helpful as we improved how we operated and our culture.

Peter Lohr, Director, Manufacturing, Quality and Safety Learning Solutions; Learning, Training and Development at Boeing