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Our Expertise

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Through years of experience in multiple industries, we have found:

Our guiding principles and business solutions are fundamental to all industries.

The qualified management team at Interim CEO and Business Partners is comprised of professional business advisors who have led many companies and have weathered financial and business storms. They bring hands-on expertise and knowledge to support, collaborate and partner with our clients. Every solution is different because every company is different. INTERIM works with each and every client to evaluate the best approaches, initiates, objectives, and culture fit for solutions to the client’s challenges.

Professionals at INTERIM have been trained and certified in many areas, including:

  • Certified Professional Business Advisor.
  • RAB certified to train and audit ISO9001:2000; 2002; 2004; 2008.
  • Certifications include Lean Enterprise by the Shingijutsu Company of Japan and by the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST).
  • Six Sigma Champion.
  • Executive Coaching.
  • Pre and Post Acquisition.
  • Certified Pilots.
  • Licensed Life, Accident, and Health Insurance Producer.
  • SHRM and APICS.
  • Chairman of the Board and Board members of numerous Companies.
  • AS9100, AS9110, ISO 9001, ISO 1400.

Just a few of INTERIM Management Team’s areas of expertise:

  • Expertise in All Industries – Industrial, Aerospace, Aviation, DOD, NASA, DOE, Nuclear, Forestry, Construction, Utilities, Petroleum, Food, Business Services, Logistics, Marine and more.
  • Sample of Clients and Affiliates: The Boeing Company, Zodiac Aerospace, Spirit Aerostructures, Cirrus Aircraft, TIGHitco, Pratt & Whitney, ComAv, Velocity Aerospace Group, Dassault Falcon Jet, Chrysler, Ford, ConAgra, Smithfield Foods, Bell South, Nationwide, Exxon Mobile, GE Plastics, Nuclear – NSTech, Gear Products, and GM amongst other.
  • Drive business and operational efficiencies to the bottom line through innovative strategic planning, lean enterprise efficiencies, and six sigma approaches.
  • Establish methodologies to focus on sustainable “Fundamentals”.
  • Full ISO, AS, TS, SQF, IFS and NADCAP Quality Systems.
  • Establish core business values of people, culture, and teamwork.
  • Institute accountability through metrics, address Organizational structure for growth.
  • Establish positive change management through effective culture changes.
  • Position companies for key peek profitable performance.
  • Business integration and Operational Excellence through performance improvement.
  • Modify organizational structure establishing a “High Performing” organization.
  • Solid strategic and tactical planning driving key business objectives.
  • Discover essentials for maximizing portfolio value and building for the future.
  • Integrate add-on acquisitions; support due diligence for prospective buyers/sellers, Lead acquisitions when required.
  • Design and operational execution of FAR 21, 23, 25, 27, 35, 121, 125, 135, 141, 145 for Fixed Wing and Rotorcraft Aircraft.
  • Facility Consolidation.
  • M&A Activity.