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What Our Clients Say

“Mark provided much-needed leadership and filled out other key positions with his Interim team. ComAv was struggling with spotty backlog, a poor safety record, and uneven earnings. Through Mark’s strong experience and expertise, he rapidly improved customers delivery performance of ComAv, significant quality improvements were institutionalized, workflow challenges were addressed and substantially improved, organization was right-sized, and culturally – Mark built a high performing, sustainable team .”

Jim Burke, Manager, ComAv LLC

“I would highly recommend INTERIM services especially regarding troubled Suppliers. They not only bring the expertise and understanding how a Supplier should be aligned for success, but they also coach leadership and middle management on proper business fundamentals which leads to greater success”

Don Johnson, Manger, Procurement/Supplier Surveillance, Spirit AeroSystems-Tulsa

“Mark is a brilliant, professional, and resourceful executive. ”

Barbara Levine, MBA| District Director, Business Assistance & Development Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation

“Interim CEO and Private Equity Services (INTERIM) was engaged by Commercial Jet Inc. in Miami, Florida in 2017 to help guide our company through numerous business improvement initiatives. Their CEO Mark Arciero assembled a team comprising of seasoned and highly experienced advisors who worked closely with our leadership team. INTERIM became part of our organization over many months. The solutions they presented have been adopted and are now part of the fabric of our operational processes. Everyone on the team was a pleasure to work with. They worked tirelessly with a true commitment to our success.”

David M. Sandri, CEO/President,- Commercial Jet Inc

“Dassault Falcon Jet Corp has had the pleasure of knowing Mark Arciero and the team at INTERIM CEO since 2018. We have engaged Mark and his very knowledgeable team on two separate occasions so far to help us identify areas of organizational, cultural, and operational improvement. INTERIM’s on-site assessment is very thorough, and the team at INTERIM are experienced in our business aviation field and they deliberately take time to understand the processes and communication flow from the Leadership office all the way through to the hangar floor. Their assessments are data rich, providing immediately useful information, measurable with proper metrics that can reveal many elements of the organization that we did not realize, or perhaps had an inkling but did not realize the scale of a process or communication issue.”

Geoff Chick, Sr. Vice President, Worldwide Service Network

“Mr. Mark Arciero is one of the most remarkable managers I have ever worked with in USA, Europe and Japan in my business experience for 42 years. I was always impressed with his ways of doing management, problem solving, and leadership. “

Yoji Kawashima, Former Director, Litton-Westrex Co

The role of Mark was encompassing all aspects of running the business, in close coordination with the other entities of Zodiac Seats in Europe and in the US, and in relationship with key customers like Airbus, Boeing and major Airlines.
Mark’s objective was two folds, first to drive our recovery plan in delivering quality products on time to customers, re-establishing their confidence, and second to put in place more robust Seat Shells organization and processes, preparing the transition to a new Zodiac management team. He was successful in both aspects. The delivery performance of Seats Shells has been significantly improved under his tenure, despite the introduction of several new programs, and he has set the stage and a vision for a more stable and sustainable plan forward.

Through this challenging mission, Mark put his strong experience and expertise to work, assessing our operational and program management difficulties rapidly and implementing an efficient plan of recovery accordingly.

He demonstrated an out of ordinary level of energy, hardwork, and engagement as well as excellent leadership and personnel skills to bring the team together.

We were very fortunate to have Mark on board in this transition phase and I would certainly recommend him for similar missions and circumstances.

Gilles Debray, Chief Operating Officer, Zodiac Aerospace

“Thank you Mark for the hard work during your tenure as Interim CEO at Zodiac. You have helped us go to the next stage. “

Maurice Pinault, Group Deputy CEO, Zodiac Aerospace

“I had the opportunity to get to know Mark when he worked with TIGHICO on a very challenging development program. He was very comprehensive, methodical, and detailed oriented in his approach to resolving problems as they related to both internal issues and issues with our customer. His feedback to my management team was very fair, honest, and straight forward. He interacted with my team in a very professional manner that allowed us to get all program issues addressed very efficiently and effectively. I feel Mark would be a very effective resource in challenging situations and would use him again should the need arise.”

Peter Nicholas, CEO/President, TIGHITCO

“I worked with Mark when he was part of a group assisting Boeing in 2014. I found Mark to be the best in the group of consultants working with us in my area. His experience, insight and work were very helpful as we improved how we operated and our culture.”

Peter Lohr, Director Manufacturing, Quality and Safety, Boeing